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Perms's Hns Admin App

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Real name: Gechuies 

In-Game Name:Perms

Age: 15


Steam (Profile Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Perms2crazy/

Steam ID STEAM_0:0:553053023

What Server are you applying for?: HNS

What is your estimated playtime?:Server Not Up in running Atm 

Do you have any previous experience with staff?:Fn,WaterCentral

Were you referred to apply by anyone?:Monster

Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the staff team?: I have played HNS,Kz for a very long time now And have the experience needed To identify Cheaters, Abusers etcetera I would Play on the hns servers For very long periods of time and would do my job as a admin well.


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  • Applied for future server that I have not started working on yet . Please try to apply for either Awp Bhop or HvH

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