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Hi Guys. I Am New. :D

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Hello Every 1 :).

I Am June. I Am Very Nice, Cool And Swag, I Think. 😞 🤨


Sometimes I Am Sad. Like When I Hurt My Toe.

But It Is Okay.
I Like Use Proper Grammer And Spellung. 😄 😇🤓
Chicken Wing Chicken Wing Hot Dog And Baloney. Chilling With My Homes. I Dont Think That Is It. 😞 
Hi. 😄 

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Bro, you do not have to be too political here, it's a community. Too many politics will result in a ban I think. (I think btw)

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I am truly sorry, I was just trying to express my political ideologies against child education and their education towards introductions. 
As you could see I was implementing a area of humor into the mix with my usage of capitalization on every word I was trying to express my deep concern for knowledge of proper capitalization. 

If you couldn't tell, I was playing the act of a younger child without much knowledge of proper English. Possibly, this child did not learn his countries basic vernacular leading onto his horrible interpretation of the English language.

After this I went even further into depth addressing grammar and spelling. I said "I Like Use Proper Grammar" which is obviously incorrect grammar. The correct grammar and capitalization would be "I like to use proper grammar". After that to create more of a humorous atmosphere I said "And Spellung". The word spelling was misspelled here to invoke a sense of comedy in two mistakes one after another. This is a common use of comedy used in the old Charlie Chaplin comedic films and has been proven to create laughter.

I am sorry if I concerned you with this post.
Best Regards,


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Okay, June, I accept your apology. Thank you for your time, and have a good day.

Best regards,

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Thank you for your kindness and selflessness.

I truly appreciate you forgiving me.
Hopefully we can be friends?



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june why do you have to be so mean to me, I just want to be friends 😕

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