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CSGO Application - Rabbet

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  • Real Name
    Alex (don't think you need to know the last 👀)
  • Discord Name
    Czekd 0ut#0001
  • In-Game Name
  • Steam ID:
  • STEAM_0:1:211604347
  • Age
  • Timezone
  • Playtime
    No clue but I know it's a lot otherwise Rin wouldn't have told me to try applying.
  • Server You're Applying For
    Awp Bhop
  • Experience with Source Commands
    Not really but I'm a quick learner.
  • What Can You Bring to the Staff Team
    I'm pretty active when I'm not working and also I am good at telling people to fuck off while in-game.
  • How much time can you dedicate to Lucid Gaming? (i.e: time-frame, certain times, etc)
    Typically evenings my time and my days off.
  • Are You Able to Record/Screenshot Evidence
    Screenshot yes, Record maybe (if GIFs are fine)
  • Situation: You get notfied of a hacker in game and he is supposedly "Walling" though you see no such thing when watching him. What Do You Do in This Situation
    I'd take a look to see where they are aiming. A lot of times, Wall Hackers will aim towards their target but not directly at them. Most of the time they're more focused on what's through the wall then what's ahead of them so I'd keep an eye out to check if they are paying attention to their surroundings or if they're aiming in a direction that is suspicious.
  • Situation: While your playing a player has joined and is spamming chat & voice. What Do You Do in This Situation
    I mute/gag him for a minute and wait to see if he keeps spamming, if he keeps going then I mute him for longer. If he keeps going it'll just stay that way until he applies for an unmute.
  • What do you think we can do differently with our application process?
    I think it's fine compared to most.
  • Any Admin Referrals?
    Rin and Meaty (meaty was high atm so idk)

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Welcome to The CSGO Staff Team
You will receive a DM in Discord with more information

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