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Idk how I'm gonna go about introducing myself but uhhhh...


I've been gaming since I was like 4 and I've been all around with different games. Ones that stuck with me were FPS games like CoD or CS. I've been playing CoD since I was around 9/10 so I've got a good 10 years or so with shooting shit.


I started CS:GO a while back and I can't even remember when. I never really took it seriously or played a whole lot until I got out of HS. I still really haven't played it a whole lot until this year when I started on the CN server but moved to the LG network.


Yes. My account DOES have a VAC ban. No it was not for cheating. I mainly played L4D2 on both my main account and this account until I got mass reported (old VAC system) and banned on my main. When I tried to get setup on a new account, I freshly purchased it and had about 10 hours on my account before I got banned AGAIN. I had no external software or injections in it. It happened right after I tried to import the files from my other account's workshop so I could have the same layout in-game. My guess is that one of the workshop files was corrupted and because it was a later version of the game, it picked it up as modifying the game.

No I'm not going to put my main account here because I rarely use it unless I'm playing a different game. YES it also has the VAC Bans for L4D2 as well as CS:S and CS:GO for multiple griefing bans. No I was not purposefully griefing. I was playing Competitive trying to get my ranking (last checked I was Master Guardian 2 on Wingman) for the main gamemode. I was banned for griefing due to my teammates constantly running in front of me (I was in silver at the time and typically only played Dust 2). The CS:S VAC was for griefing as well. If you've seen me play in-game (especially with the new anticheat on the AWP BHOP server), you've either heard me get told that I was detected for Invalid Mouse Movement because of a flick or you've seen me hit some nasty shots firsthand. 

No. I do not cheat, nor do I plan to. I enjoy the game and would like to collect some cool skins for it to just mess around with. I also enjoy playing in a community that isn't filled with cheaters because I'd rather not get dicked on by a guy who's aimlocking.


About me: I'm a dude who plays games. I also dabble in coding/programming and game development. I haven't really gone about making any games yet but I do enjoy making 3D Models for games like VRChat. I also do Graphic Design (my PFP as an example of a meme image I made). Feel free to ask me about what I've made and I can show you a few works I've done (not my best as most of them have my real name on them and are for my portfolio). I plan to do Graphic Design and/or Game Development as a career.


I am a Wrist Player when it comes to FPS. I play at a DPI of: x 2000 | y 1750. My Polling rate is 1000 and my in-game sensitivity is 6.5 unscoped and 1.5 scoped.

My gameplay is a bit sporadic due to some health issues regarding my hands and bloodflow. I have what's called Raynaud's Syndrome which basically means my blood flow has a harder time regulating itself in both temperature and speed. My Asthma is also another problem I have which severely limits me to what I can and can't do. Am I a no-life? Yes. Am I doing it by choice? No. I used to play Soccer and Baseball and enjoyed both before my health got bad enough where I couldn't play anymore. Because my body can't regulate it's temperature, I often have cold extremities which means that my hands, feet, ears, etc are often times cold and almost look frostbitten. They typically turn white and if I don't keep them warm, they will turn purple. They are oftentimes rigid and unable to move because the blood flow is slowing down. This means that a lot of times I may suck dick at the game.


Despite all that, you may know me from this: My ranking on the AWP BHOP Server


Feel free to DM me on Discord if you're interested in playing or just chilling: Czekd 0ut#0001

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Welcome to Lucid Gaming homie, glad to have you around!

Wasn't expecting an essay when I clicked on your post either.

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