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CSGO Admin Application - Snacks

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  • Real Name
    Hollan. j
  • Discord Name
  • In-Game Name
  • Steam ID
  • Age
  • Timezone
  • Playtime
    prob about 10-15 hours
  • Server You're Applying For
    Awp Bhop
  • Experience with Source Commands
  • What Can You Bring to the Staff Team
    My experience with cheaters also my positivity and amount of big brain comprehensiveness I have as a person
  • How much time can you dedicate to Lucid Gaming? (i.e: time-frame, certain times, etc)
    2-5 a day depending on school
  • Are You Able to Record/Screenshot Evidence
  • Situation: You get notfied of a hacker in game and he is supposedly "Walling" though you see no such thing when watching him. What Do You Do in This Situation
    Watch him for about 10 -20 mins to look for anything suspicious if nothing happens leave but keep in mind he may not be legit
  • Situation: While your playing a player has joined and is spamming chat & voice. What Do You Do in This Situation
  • What do you think we can do differently with our application process?
    Nothing I think its fine

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Sorry for the inconvenience, Your Application has been submitted for review 

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