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  1. tommie

    Awp Bhop

    bruh moment declined
  2. welcome to LG COMM !!!!!!!
  3. Accepted Welcome to the CSGO Staff Team
  4. The Steam Profile Showcase Who do you think has the best looking steam profile? *Keep in mind the end goal is looks and theming of the profile not the price on the profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/fyce
  5. tommie

    4th Promotion

    congrats @rin_be_salty & @Bullsworth
  6. Awp Bhop Christmas Event 12/23/2020 Welcome to Lucid Gaming's first-ever event! We've decided that Christmas would be the perfect time to host our very first event as it is the time for giving. Complete the following requirements below to enter. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask one of our staff members! Event Information • Challenge: Earn the Top Ranked Score on LG Awp Bhop * All score have been reset for the event so anyone can participate • Server: connect • Prize: First - $40 〵 Second - 2 Month VIP 〵 Third - 10,000 Credits • Time: 12/23/2020 3:00 PM EST ✕ 1/18/2020 3:00 PM EST Requirement Information * If you fail to complete any of the following requirements below you will not be qualified for the event prizes • You must be signed up on the website and have your discord and steam linked to your forum account + Use the following link to connect your discord account to your forum account: lucid-gaming.net/settings/login/?service=3 + Use the following link to connect your steam account to your forum account: lucid-gaming.net/settings/login/?service=4 • You must in the discord server & have the CSGO role + Use the following link to connect to our discord server: lucid-gaming.net/discord + Once you join you must accept our rules then give yourself the csgo role in #╏assign-roles • You must be in the steam group + Use the following link to join the steam group: lucid-gaming.net/steamgroup Merry Christmas, Good Luck and Have Fun! All Topics about the Awp Bhop Server Can Be Found Here Support Ticket
  7. Awp Bhop Update 1.0.5 Date: 12/21/2020 PLUGINS UPDATE: - Added Welcome Message - Better Spawn Protection - Store now uses MySQL - Console Welcome Message - Added JHUD - Added 9 New Maps NEW MAPS: - awp_comeback_lg - awp_lego_zone_lg - awp_pocu_lg - awp_pro_lg - awp_pyramid_lg - awp_rookee_lg - awp_roost_lg - awp_tiny_tower_lg - awp_vietnam_lg Have any Suggestions? Let us know by posting in the "Suggestions" Sub-Forum of Awp Bhop
  8. tommie

    Kill Sounds

    Really nice suggestion, never really seen it in other servers
  9. tommie

    3rd Promotion

    We're gonna keep things simple with this post been typing to much today but I'd like to congratulate the following people... Easy Bhop @korps Promoted to Head Admin @.x Promoted to Admin Awp Bhop @toast Promoted to Admin @blah Promoted to Admin @RyZe Promoted to Admin Congratulations Everyone!
  10. Inspect Element Obviously
  11. Computer Startup Time Hint ( Right Click Taskbar -> Task Manger -> Startup Tab) Who thinks they can beat 7.4 seconds?
  12. tommie


    yea not bad except not to sure how people would react to the rank me being reset every so often but I guess it would keep people on their toes. Nice suggestion
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