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  1. seen him a few times on the server but "I will bring a experienced admin that has experience being a admin" seems a bit too legit. lmao idk mane.
  2. My shit glow! (idk how i didnt get the taskbar in their)
  3. am i the only mf here with icons all over my desktop lmfaoo
  4. Mr Meaty

    2nd Promotion

    thats wasssup playas
  5. Mr Meaty

    1st Promotion

    Thank you tommie im glad to hear that i am being promoted to Admin and also, Paku thats wassuppp G lets keep workin.
  6. Real Name Mason Discord Name Mr. Meaty#5282 In-Game Name Mr. Meaty Steam ID 76561198856479831 Age 17 Timezone Mountain Standard Time Playtime 200+ Hrs. probably about 50 hrs or more on your server. Server You're Applying For Awp Bhop Expierence with Source Commands Yes What Can You Bring to the Staff Team I have previous experience in using scripts of all kinds for a lot of games however i do not do that anymore. i can easily identify when someone is aim hacking, walling, etc. and i feel it would be a great contribution to the team. How much time can you dedicate to Lucid Gaming? (i.e: time-frame, certain times, etc) weekdays: 12/1pm- anytime after weekends: differs on whether im busy or not buit usually the same times. Are You Able to Record/Screenshot Evidence Yes Situation: You get notfied of a hacker in game and he is supposedly "Walling" though you see no such thing when watching him. What Do You Do in This Situation continue to watch him in case he toggled off or something. or call another admin in to see if missed something in any footage. if hes not hacking leave him be. Situation: While your playing a player has joined and is spamming chat & voice. What Do You Do in This Situation tell them to stop. if they continue, warn them before they get gagged/muted. What do you think we can do differently with our application process? you seemed to have changed it pretty well and narrowed down things specific for what you need. also you get a better look at who you are making admin.
  7. Real Name Mason In-Game Name Mr. Meaty Age 17 Country United States Steam (Profile Link) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198856479831/ What Server are you applying for? AWP Bhop How often do you play on the selected server? Practically everyday. Sometimes im in other servers but Lucid is the main one i use. Why would you be a good addition to the staff team? i have previous experience in using scripts of sorts and would easily identify scummies. (i do not, i repeat, i dont use any scripts/hacks anymore) i am also a very active player in your server. Additional Information discord was being buggy when i tried to join the server
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