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  1. Mist

    The Rhyming Game

    Then got rolled over by a log
  2. RULES Every post has to rhyme with the latest post Try post once a day Can be M Rated I'll Start I once had a dog
  3. Mist

    The counting game

    1, Also read the rules idiots
  4. Mist

    Story Time

    huge fucking shit
  5. Real Name Jamie Discord Name Mist#0001 In-Game Name actualmist, Mist, Ur Nans Akimbo Peg Leg Steam ID STEAM_0:1:463803403 Age 19 Timezone UK Playtime Since day 1 Server You're Applying For Awp Bhop Experience with Source Commands No What Can You Bring to the Staff Team I can make a good cup of tea when needed How much time can you dedicate to Lucid Gaming? (i.e: time-frame, certain times, etc) Monday to Friday, all day. Are You Able to Record/Screenshot Evidence Yes Situation: You get notfied of a hacker in game and he is supposedly "Walling" though you see no such thing when watching him. What Do You Do in This Situation I ban him anyway Situation: While your playing a player has joined and is spamming chat & voice. What Do You Do in This Situation Join him What do you think we can do differently with our application process? Nothing Any Admin Referrals? Rin is the best
  6. Mist

    Monster Application

    he is so cool on discord omg my favourite person
  7. Mist

    Story Time

    juicy cock and
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