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    crab is shit at movement
  2. Real name: Ryan In-Game Name: paku Age:15 Country: USA Steam (Profile Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/entrapped/ Steam ID (can be found at: Steam ID Finder) : STEAM_1:1:505517588 What Server are you applying for?: Awp Bhop What is your estimated playtime?: Server not available yet. Do you have any previous experience with staff?: Karma admin Were you referred to apply by anyone?: monster, tommie Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the staff team?: I am not a retard and i am also active plus i know how to tell if people are cheating and don't abuse powers. Are you able to supply screenshot or video proof before punishment?: Sometimes, sometimes my NVIDIA shadow play breaks but most of the time yes. Any Extra Information?: Not shit at game
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