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  1. Hello everyone! We have begun developing our Garry's Mod GangRP server and are in need of your help! If you have any ideas or suggestions please comment them below. We want to make your experience as fun and enjoyable as possible & something the community wants. Kind Regards, - Lucid Management
  2. Good luck to all contestants! And a Merry Christmas from Lucid Gaming!
  3. Try me with that shit again. Who thinks they can beat 3.6?
  4. Real quick, you say you've been staff on other servers do you mind explaining a few?
  5. ImJustBad

    spit fetish

    yikes idk man thats some weird shit
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  7. ImJustBad


    Cringe retard, take your shitpost somewhere else forgot to give my vote, -1 dont need more retards.
  8. Yo whats crackin hoes I'm here
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