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  1. Your application has been put up for voting Good Luck!
  2. Your application has been put up for voting Good Luck!
  3. Your application has been put up for voting Good Luck!
  4. saturn

    crab is admin v2

    +rep, hes active, also he's pretty chill
  5. saturn


    true, im down for kz
  6. saturn


    thats pretty nuts imo, last time i lj'd i was hitting like mid 260s constant with pre and like 245-250s with no pre, imma start practicing it tho
  7. saturn


    whats ur lj pb pre and no pre
  8. Real name: noah In-Game Name: saturn Age: 16 Country: USA Steam (Profile Link): https://steamcommunity.com/id/letters/ Steam ID (can be found at: Steam ID Finder) : STEAM_0:1:121725602 What Server are you applying for?: Awp bhop What is your estimated playtime?: server doesn't exist yet Do you have any previous experience with staff?: Yes, I am a zoner at bruh bhop, and outside of csgo I am a co-owner of monster's discord server. Were you referred to apply by anyone?: Tommie Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the staff team?: I feel that I would be a great addition to the staff team as I'm always active and available, and I have experience. Are you able to supply screenshot or video proof before punishment?: Yes Any Extra Information?: nah
  9. saturn


    damn thats still pretty good, im pretty shit at hns but i might start getting into it
  10. saturn


    yeah i hit pretty high ssj, what r u hitting?
  11. saturn


    nice nice so is it true that you're robotic?
  12. saturn


    doin pretty good hbu?
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