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  1. In-game Name stk How old are you 16 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:184281477 Server applying for AWP Bhop Do you have experience with source commands? Yes Are you able to record/screenshot evidence? Yes How much time can you dedicate to Lucid Gaming? 5 hours What has interested you in becoming part of the Staff team? What has interested me in becoming part of the staff team? That is a very good question and I'm here to answer it. Well first of all I love AWP Bhop and I love spending my time with friends. In me becoming a admin I can make sure everyone has a nice and fair playing experience. Personally I hate hackers and every time I'm in a server against a hacker I feel useless and powerless and I would hate if anyone has to go thru the same issues as me when I have to deal with a hacker. I am very experience with dealing with players who are hardheaded and have a hard time dealing with issues. I am a very calm person and can be very helpful in times of need I love helping people whenever I can. I am also a peoples person I love making conversations with people. Overall I think my addition to the staff steam will be a good thing I can bring up people and just make a great environment in the server. I hope I can be accepted into the server. Also some extra information i have been admin in several servers so I have experience with dealing with people. Thanks again for the opportunity to be able to apply for staff in such a great server! Thank you Lucid Gaming for this.
  2. +rep trustworthy guy he knows his stuff
  3. STK.VIC

    Hi guys

    can u guys be my friends pls?
  4. STK.VIC


    Im glad that you guys are doing good today i am actually doing good my self also i might say im glad that everyone in here is nice and trustworthy
  5. Hey guys i love when people start their own communities they always show me how people are dedicated to servers. I also love the idea of a server running by people that are mature and trustworthy and i feel safe and trusted in this forums. I would love to see this community grow and be something special to my heart. I vic(stk) want to dedicate my life into helping the server grow into something huge so lots of people can bring them selfs and have a good time playing on this server. I have been admin/mod on lots of servers i know alot of commands. What my heart feels is that this community will grow into something amazing were people would bond with each other while playing hvh and not be toxic and just have a good time winning while cheating. I am admin on a discord server that is full of toxic people and i know how to run it well (or so i was told by owners and members). I would love to have a impact on this server by becoming a admin and having the ability to make people that are toxic stop being toxic and help others out in time of needs. Real name:Victor In-Game Name:Tax Age:16 Country:Florida Steam (Profile Link):https://steamcommunity.com/id/taxonomic/ Steam ID (can be found at: Steam ID Finder) :STEAM_0:1:184281477 What Server are you applying for?:csgo hvh What is your estimated playtime?:1 day Do you have any previous experience with staff?:Yes Were you referred to apply by anyone?:Monster,Tommie,Saturn,Crab Why do you feel you would be a good addition to the staff team?:Yes Are you able to supply screenshot or video proof before punishment?:Yes Any Extra Information?:I would love to be admin so i can help the server grow and help it become something big
  6. +rep dequan is such a cool name i hope u get the job because not many black people get jobs these days. He also knows how to run a server
  7. STK.VIC

    crab is admin

    +rep he is crab and crabs are cool!!!!
  8. +rep i have seen him run servers before he is 100% trusted he knows what to do in all occasions he is also a very nice person i would make him mod/admin because he is a reputable person
  9. STK.VIC


    watch out boy i got that glizzy fo u zoe
  10. STK.VIC


    fuck u and your golf friends ill stick my golf stick it up they a$$ homie boy dont let me catch them lackin and yo bodyguards aint got shit on me and my shooters matter afact i got boys friends they those boys close friends and we finna make your bodyguards turn on you and like u up like a match boy
  11. STK.VIC


    dont let me catch u lackin son i got that glizzy(no homo) on me if i catch u you getting popped and chocking on the glizzy also mad ayo boi
  12. STK.VIC


    Heyo you should already know me yahurd its stk in this bitch./ STK=Shoot To Kill you ever need a shooter u know who to dm. Na but fr im from detroit fuck with my dawgs and u gonna get patched
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