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    4th Promotion

    By Jax,


    We've decided to promote a few of our admins due to their tremendous jobs as staff

    1. @rin_be_salty  AWP Bhop Admin -> AWP Bhop Lead Admin
    2. @Bullsworth  AWP Bhop Mod -> AWP Bhop Admin

    3rd Promotion

    By tommie,

    We're gonna keep things simple with this post been typing to much today but I'd like to congratulate the following people...

    Easy Bhop
    @korps Promoted to Head Admin
    @.x Promoted to Admin

    Awp Bhop
    @toast Promoted to Admin

    @blah Promoted to Admin
    @RyZe Promoted to Admin

    Congratulations Everyone!

    2nd Promotion

    By tommie,

    Hello Lucid Community,

    We got some big promotions to give out.

    First up, We will be promoting @rin_be_salty to admin on our Awp Bhop Server. He's done more than enough for us and hes always been available when ever we needed him. 

    Next up, We have @korps who is being promoted to admin on our Bhop Server. His knowledge on bhop is very high and he's been really active.

    Their new responsibilities will include:

    1. Handling player/mod complaints and issuing bans
    2. Post in-game server problems on the forum
    3. Help in any way to make the server fun
    4. Assist in training new mods
    5. Help with any testing needed from higher staff

    Congrats Everybody!

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